Emily (6-8-95), Abigail (2-16-90), Jessica (5-26-84), Nathan (4-22-99), Lydia (2-1-01), Elisabeth (8-14-85), and Caleb (6-8-92)
(Center-Jim and Linda)–Evangelist Jim Walker and Family


Evangelist Jim Walker and Family began traveling in full-time evangelism in the year 2000. Ministries preceding this include over ten years ministering in the Inner City of Toledo, OH; Vacation Bible School, public ministry, pulpit supply and more. Today the Walker family lives full-time in a large bus conversion, ministering in preaching, teaching and conservative music, as well as assisting churches in evangelistic outreach events. Vacation Bible Schools are still a major ministry in the summer months.

Together with Bible preaching, Bro. Walker has for years had an interest in and a concern for the growing presence of Islam in America. His lengthy studying of the situation has led him to put together presentations such as Islam 101, Evangelizing Muslims and The Life of Mohammed, which have opened the eyes of American Christians to what Islam teaches, what its agenda is in and for the United States, and most of all, how to reach Muslims for Christ. He has also written several tracts for Muslims and is available for Islamic Awareness seminars. A recording of a one-night presentation on Islam is available on DVD in the Products area.

The ministry of Evangelist Jim Walker and Family is to assist the local church for the glory of Jesus Christ. If they can be a help to your church, pastor, please contact Jim Walker below or by phone at (419)260.2938.

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